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Founder: Davide Giovanni Papa
Trading in Global Commodities
©FTN Exporting, Established 1988
International Trade, Finance and Agency Expert Worldwide
E-MAIL General:ftn_smice@bigpond com
FTN Exporting is a Registered Business Name (ASIC


FTN Exporting serves related legal opinions to law firms worldwide. 

FTN Exporting, due to its unique position is unable to provide contact details online. All business must be expressed  in writing.


There is plenty of information  online about best selling author  and founder of FTN Exporting because we’ve been trading and providing advice to traders world wide since 1988. This site is a business site made for use by suppliers, exporters, importers and end buyers of commodities world wide. This site also serves much needed valuable advice to such entities as many ill informed and serious mistakes are being applied by many traders when buying and selling commodities. SMICE buys commodities and it sells commodities mostly preferring to enter into large contract commitments and obligations therein, as we have become specialist trader able to engage in the purchase and sale  of  large revolving whole shipment lots. SMICE has limited interest in buying or selling FCL is best assumed in most cases accept for highly wanted products. This site and new said aspect will become established by mid 2015 serving suppliers and end buyers world wide with sound expert advice as well as serving our own customers and clients  looking to  secure goods prices  for  hard to secure products, as purchased  from SMICE, under the auspices of a risk mitigated and safe process. 

Nature of Business

Although FTN exporting is the principal for all business being conducted, we have used a number of sub-sites and titles to express matters associated with FTN exporting business, to ensure all such business matters are clearly identified. Initially FTN exporting deals with matters of education. deals with matters of trading in general commodities. deals with matters of projects, crude and fuel transactions. Once the parameters of business transaction has ben identified, all roads eventually lead back to FTN exporting. FTN Exporting has been conducting business defined, for nearly 30 years, half of which were applied online in this period of time. We are private traders; we don’t spend time in obtaining  number one online rankings which we could easy do instantly.We prefer private and personal dealings with exporters and suppliers as well as end buyers from around the world, as the type of deals we enter into  often  could take up to 4 months to close once such a deal commences. For this reason it’s important that long terms reliable suppliers  assure SMICE supply of wanted bulk cargo on an ongoing basis in where  SMICE often pays more than most other indices; as  SMICE also often offers  transparent incentives and rebates to those who conduct business with us as we formulate and create our own price basis. 

We Don’t Take Risks 

SMICE is our trading site. We are the worlds leading experts at what we do. We train our own intermediaries and agents and we select agents to represent us as needed on a deal to deal basis. When SMICE offers products for sale, it means such products have been secured we’ll in advance of making any offer. Principals are dealing with the worlds premier commodity trader who  uses nothing less  than  strict safe procedures in where we apply only formidable rules and laws to support our procedures. We don’t take risks and we protect and oversee all business we enter into  whether buying or selling  commodities.

Confidential Business

If you are a buyer of raw materials, doing business with SMICE, such  means  that the buyer has chosen to enter into a transaction with SMICE in were  very safe procedure are in place. Likewise if you are a supplier and producer of commodities assuring goods available for our purchase consideration; the safe attributes of safe business applies as we are specialists, in dealing with large contracts supporting large transactions and sales. When we enter into a deal all aspects of such business remain confidential even after the nature of business has long closed. Our competitors are government based trade agencies, and other trading houses as well as other commodity traders. End buyer also note; it’s not unusual for SMICE to sometime offer goods from our stockpile as purchased from our supplier that an end buyer has dealt with before; in where SMICE procedures and better prices were apparent. The confidential nature of business assures such embarrassing situations  are also avoided.

Our Private Exchange

SMICE no longer posts prices of individual products as our scope of applying business has now changed. Goods which we are contracted to buy must reach a “stockpile status”  in where we are able to serve many buyers for the same non spot product offered at our prices that we have established in direct competition with  market speculative forces and our competitors. SMICE once attaining a stockpile status for goods secured under contract SMICE will be able to often beat any verified price of any competitor, for similar goods, not at EXW prices but as a final delivered product. Stockpiles take time to build. As goods are secured by SMICE they are added to the stockpile. Once a stock pile reaches a minimum quantity we offer from the stockpile a regulated amount of product for our buyers; ensuring that when we make a sale all end buyers are able to be continually served on an ongoing basis. Once goods are added to a stockpile, prices become formulated in where our end buyers and clients have access to listed goods once each stockpile is ‘opened.’


After decade of training may others, SMICE trained agents are located in over 200 countries around the world,  most are close to all the major loading and unloading ports of the world. Selected FTN agents are paid to supervise loading on our behalf to ensure we have purchased goods as ordered. Like wise when good are unloaded at destination port. We have no qualms as experts to stop loading operations  and mediate on any adverse purchase situation.We have no tolerance in dealing with unreliable suppliers or unjustly argumentative end buyers, because we ensure such adverse matters are dealt with as they happen. Our buyers only receive “goods as ordered.” Our suppliers get paid  for ‘goods as ordered.’ This process by default has a flow on effect in that; the interests of our customers also benefit from our vigilance and ongoing due diligence.  

Our Process

By mid 2015 each SMICE site page will have a heading defining what the site page is about.Suppliers or end buyers will only needs to follow our advice in submitting the proper form or advice  as we develop our automated process in keeping up with changes in the future  and the new challenges they may bring to our clients.