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Our International best selling formal publication ‘International Trade and the Successful Intermediary’ (ITSI)  serves our base doctrine of trade and legacy we leave to the world of commodity trading. SMICE 2020 beta publication offered here, breaks 'ITSI' down to its simplest aspect; to serve instructions to anyone taking up the emerging practice of the Professional Commodity Trader and related big business practices of Agency therein. SMICE is the educational website made for intermediaries in general. Whether you are a broker, agent, exporter, importer, banker, lawyer, buyer and seller, or first time person conducting international business world-wide then this formidable legally defined study and the procedures advised therein is for you. SMICE is owned by trading entity  FTN Exporting and is administered by CEO, Davide Giovanni Papa (DGP)  situated in Melbourne Australia, as stablished in 1988. We created  the world first uniform legally defined doctrine of trade made for anyone delving in the business of buying and selling commodities. This emerging industry of the PCT is growing yearly. FTN Exporting is an industry leader world wide in this practice  which has become a mainstream global application. Anyone wanting to make the attempt at trading in commodities  must study our publication before venturing into the market place.There are many ill-informed and dishonourable traders in the market place. Every year ill-informed traders cross paths with  USCT endorsed  traders who are highly informed. Such ill informed traders soon get the message and leave the market place. As one ill-informed group leaves, a new group appears, year in, year out. The term ‘ill-informed’ refers to a trader who has not studied our academic level doctrine and have no idea what they are doing. An informed trader is also a part of the Unified  Society of  Commodity Traders (USCT)  association, where like-minded informed traders crossing each other path can enter into a business deal under a common understanding. Nobody else will help the ‘intermediary.' Do the study, enter the trading arena as an independent commodity trader, as you master the practice–with no help needed from anyone. When our study is taken  the ‘student’ is deemed an intermediary. When the doctrine in placed down. After reading it intently for 2/3 months and the applicant  commences to trade, the intermediary tag may no longer apply and is replaced with the term ‘Professional Commodity Trader’ (PCT) and ‘International  Trade Specialist’ (ITS)

The PCT has to learn aspects of business including;

  • Matters of due diligence
  • Matters of sourcing  suppliers
  • Sourcing, testing and securing end buyers
  • String deals with  other private USCT traders 
  • Making a quote and offer
  • Handling the contract, rules and laws
  • All about the financial  instruments and  our business
  • Performance  Guarantee, Promissory notes 
  • All about delivery rules specific to our business
  • Understanding the collection process  
  • Gross profit earnings and payment of commissions to string members 
  • Specific aspects to do with Crude oil/Fuels deals 
  • International bank exceptions/processes
  • Matters about logistics, responsibilities, obligations 
  • Matters about shipping, rejection, remedy and fraud 
  • Trading in commodities and the internet

Trading  legally in commodities  as a PCT is a complex and difficult business  practice, made easy via our current in-house beta  publication offered only from this website. Once the PCT enters the market place, the required trading experience is gained which is an intricate part of the learning and educational process. History then dictates the rest. Whether you are a first-time novice trader or seasoned but ill-informed trader, seller or buyer looking to close that one lucrative export-import deal this educational website is for you.  It does not matter  what profession you are in, from bankers, lawyers to shop owners, scientists  and  labourers; we are all in the same boat when it comes to this business. The exporting importing business is fraught with the adverse situation and fake deals; while a growing number of suppliers and end buyers are needing more and more guidance and advice. Intermediaries, brokers, agents, buyers and sellers worldwide should not enter the international trading business arena unless they have first studied our publication is our advice based on over 30 years of experience. You are called an ‘intermediary’ while studying our doctrine of trade. After 3 months you never use such a term as your revert to the title of the Professional Commodity Trader (PCT) and International Trade Specialist (ITS).This is the only way of  securing real earnings on real deals being closed. An applicant whether employed or not unable to sit at a computer for long hours when needed in their spare time, and produce good documents; and is hopeless at studying material and using the internet, is typically the type of person who should not take up this study or trade in commodities; as for all others – the world is yours.

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