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Division of  FTN Exporting Established 1988 Australia 

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Online Business Hours: 5.00 AM to 11.00 AM Wednesday to Sunday AEST

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FTNXX is closed 12th Dec 2015 to 3rd Jan 2016.


International best selling author, educator and commodity trader Davide Giovanni Papa established FTN Exporting in 1988, to become a leading expert in the nature of business defined. Corporations, bankers, lawyers and many private intermediaries and agents have learned much from our advice and educational services, in our effort to define safe aspects of trading, rules and international trade law. FTN Exporting also serves legal opinions to law firms around the world in matters related to international trade and agency. FTN Exporting trading division is FTNXX. The FTNXX buys and sells commodities world wide while also offering to educate principals we deal with, where needed, to ensure the tradition of ensuring only lawful, safe and proper procedures are always offered.

The Nature of Business World wide 

  1. FTNXX buy as and sells commodities as a buyer and seller in its own name.
  2. FTNXX provides matters of eduction to suppliers and buyers while we trade. 
  3. FTNXX conducts business with only end buyers and suppliers and allows, at times, FTN Exporting  trained intermediaries, to assist us for such purpose. 

Education to Suppliers and End Buyers is our focus for 2016

FTN Exporting is a registered business name, related to matters of education, which  continues to be served on this site as well, while we trade in commodities, except our focus is now aimed towards corporate suppliers, exporters, manufacturers and end buyers/users who are in need of such assistance. Our FAQ section will deliver insight and advice to suppliers and end buyers as we head towards a very busy 2016 trading year. Every document we serve when dealing with suppliers and end buyers also provide lesson therein ensuring such entities understand what it means to conduct good safe business. We are always serving  lessons even while we trade in commodities. Doing business with FTNXX also means being informed along the way, which has become an embedded part of our formidable trading ethos. A supplier offering goods to the FTNXX does so after accepting our strict safe purchase procedures. This is the only we can ensure conclusion of successful  transaction and the guarantee of payment. End buyers must also accept our safe purchasing procedures to ensure  delivery of goods ‘as ordered’ arrive on time.With nearly 30 year if experience, FTNXX intently knows all the traps, and as such, always protect the entities who choose to conduct business with us.

How is Business Conducted

FTNXX secures products from various suppliers around the world for buying. We have no association with anyone, we are private traders, and we do not conduct  business with government backed taxpayers funded trade agencies, who are our competitors. FTNXX never offers goods we have not first ascertained or secured. We buy goods from a ‘disclosed supplier in possession’ of such, if below market prices are apparent, and sell to disclosed end buyers we approach at an equally good price. We buy goods for future delivery and do not deal is spot purchases.We do not buy from nor sell to intermediaries or so called mandate holders or brokers, whether FTN trained or the otherwise. The supplier obtains a sale, the end buyer obtains products as ordered in where everyone applies to transact with FTNXX in an air of high standards and proper safe international trade procedures. We source goods alone, or at times, with a select few trained intermediaries who are highly informed and have been educated by FTN Exporting over the longer term. In all cases, FTNXX bears liabilities and bear burden of all contracts entered into at all times.

Proper Acceptable and Formidable  Rules of Trade

We do not use any other payment methods except documentary letter of credits (DLC) the type endorsed under international banking rules UCP 600. We also use English contract formation laws and rules in establishing all closed transactions along with Paris France ICC delivery rules (incoterms).Our procedures are formidable as they are strict, in turn providing the safest procedures that one could use, when buying or selling commodities world wide. We also specialise in purchasing large quantities of goods  under a revolving contract. When we find flaws in a deal which is detrimental to the principal we are engaged with, we force change to ensure our clients become aware of such flaws. We do not take risks, and mitigate such at every step of a pending deal. 

Conducting Business With FTNXX

When conducting business with FTNXX you are conducting business with the worlds leading expert as well as private buyer and seller of commodities as per the nature of business prescribed. We settle disputes amicably and competitors are many, as are ill informed traders whom we never associate with. Our service is 100% confidential at all times. FTNXX only uses shipowners BOL in all Non Break Bulk Cargo (NBC) deals. Second time client may also leverage their commodity purchases using FTNXX ‘low interest’ factoring services of up to 120 days in some cases.We don’t take risks! Suppliers or end buyers world wide unsure of procedures, may contact  FTNXX directly for amicable discussion during office business hours. We have some interest in large FCL deals, in where NBC deals remain our primary interest.

As for URPIB Rules 

FTN Exporting  abides by our own in house URPIB rules of trade when enacting with our own selected brokers, as we hold  governance in the nature of business as well as the doctrine itself. Those  who have been personally  select to  assist us from time to time are conferred a FTN Exporting Registered Broker (FERB) status.Those who are trading alone and not associated with us as brokers, but have been trained by us, carry a Unified Society Commodity Traders (USCT) private agent number and status.Whether a URPIB USCT or FERB status is apparentthe principal is dealing with the best informed traders in the world.If  a person is claiming a status, suppliers and end buyers are encouraged to email us to check  if a dishonourable claim is being made.

Where a supplier is wanting to assure supply of goods they have for FTNXX to consider buying, or whether an end buyer has seen a product listed on the FTNXX  Exchange for purchasing; send us an email in where a quick response  is assured-no matter the related query made.

For confidential inquiries via email ask for : Davide Giovanni Papa  

Supplier and End Buyers contact: ftnexportingceo@bigpond.com

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