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NATURE OF BUSINESS: Commodities Sales Worldwide

General  Manager Sales : Mr Sam Ryan

Per CEO and PRINCIPAL: Mr Davide Giovanni Papa 

A Division of “Foreign Trade Negotiators” (FTN Exporting 1988) 

FTN Exporting : Australian Registered Business Name  ARBN: B2144654K


Tuesdays  to  Sunday AEST 5.00 AM to 11.30 AM

Closed: Easter Week End: 10 Days 

Closed: 5 December to 5 January in any given year.

Buyer contract sealed by 1 December in  any  given year are serviced.

No deliveries over December any given year assumed.


First time end buyers world wide taking possession on commodities sought from SMICE do so  using very formidable  and safe set of trading procedures. SMICE buys goods only from suppliers in possession of such goods. We negotiate a best price for large quantities, we then break the purchase to smaller quantities and sell such goods  by title to  our qualified end buyers taking possession of such goods world wide.The end buyer always receives an excellent price, once our own small operational gains and expenses are account for. Once an end buyer successfully complete a first time purchase from SMICE other benefits for subsequent delivers also prevail including generous interest free deferred payment periods. End buyers dealing with SMICE are dealing with the worlds leading expert in the whole nature business being promoted on this site. SMICE is the lawful seller of all goods it offers in its  own name.Our end buyers only receive goods as ordered. We only buy all goods as  offered to our end buyers, from producers and owners of such products. 


SMICE buys large lots NON Brake Cargo( NBC) in where large single shipment or revolving shipment per month for 1 year or more are considered. Supplier from less economically powerful countries are given guiding advice on all purchase we make. We are the lawful seller of such product in our own name. All business is 100% confidential at all times. Any honourable and worthy supplier needs only  to provide an assurance of supply for SMICE which is kept on file for 90 days as valid. If SMICE buys goods offered we will contact the supplier to open negotiation on final price. We do not buy SPOT shipment only shipment in advance; furthermore we pay for all purchases made 7 days after contracts are sealed, in where we will expect 1st delivery within 60 days there after or less. Once 3 month assurance of supply  period  is has arrived SMICE will ask supplier to update prices/offer at their discretion.The larger the quantities, more intent SMICE applies in making a  purchase. We only accept offers from supplier / owner in possession of goods ; the producer of such goods .


SMICE does not buy from nor sell goods to intermediaries as some may think, or like minded traders. SMICE only uses FTN Exporting trained sourcing Intermediaries, in where such have been trained or supported by FTN Exporting for 14 months or more. Entities then become certified as international trade specialists (ITS). Such trained and certified  intermediaries are allowed to offer goods for SMICE posting. This is why the name SMICE  is also defined to be and intermediary exchange. Trained professional intermediaries are used by SMICE to source end buyers or suppliers under our authority from time to time, as our agents. Our best agents are Certified Practicing Professional  Agent (CPPA). Other members belonging to the Society of World wide Intermediaries (SWI)  are also used from time to time. All have trained under the auspices of the FTN Exporting  doctrine  to various levels. All other untrained, ill informed brokers, traders, and intermediaries may not present goods to SMICE not provide end buyer or suppliers to SMICE. Such approaches are trashed in where advice sent is not read. All SMICE  agent have 2 years experience or more before they can represent SMICE directly further infers that we have the best trained agents in the world tied to the nature  of business apparent.

Rules and Laws Used by SMICE and Educated  SMICE Agents.

  • ICC Incoterms (Latest)  Delivery Rules;Paris, France.
  • UCP / URC: (Latest) DLC banking rules; Paris, France
  • LCIA: Arbitration Rules for Settling Disputes or ;
  • FTNX  Mediation Services :Resolution of Disputes.  
  • English contract formation rules.
  • SMICE are also due diligence specialists. 
  • English  foreign governance contracting format in part or fully
  • Educated Intermediaries: URPIB rules of trade.
  • We only use “at sight” DLC payment applications.
  • We do not conduct business using  DAP, DAT, EXW, delivery rules.
  • All buyer and supplier world wide for all worthy products considered.
  • Single/Small FCL purchases / selling not considered.
  • Single NBC shipment exceeding 25,000 MT considered.
  • Goods 100,000 MT or more per month over 12 month preferred.
  • Government Export Agencies must follow our procedures .
  • USA Corporate suppliers must follow  our safe formidable procedures. 
  • Russian exporters must use FTN process; or nor transaction possible.
  • SMICE is the buyer. SMICE is the seller. We do not disclose principals.
  • We conduct business confidentially  “on behalf of undisclosed principals.” 


Uniform safe export import procedures world wide  this the nature of our long standing business. We really  don’t care what the end buyers or suppliers may think “safe procedures” mean from their perspective. We know what safe, correctly defined procedures are from any perspective, and no compromise is possible. Any supplier world wide looking to supply goods to the  emerging Asian market, should use SMICE is our recommendation, as contract defaults in this region (growing dramatically from 2014 )  must be addressed by  trading experts long before lawyers are called in. SMICE has its own  private  methods to apply in ensuring that when we buy goods or sell goods; our methods are enforceable. Any end buyer who wants to buy goods safely as offered, should be using SMICE. We are experts at what we do, such expertise applied over a very long period of time. FTN Exporting has been trading and educating world traders, approaching 30 years. FTN Exporting  formally established in 1988 in where  FTN Exporting created the first legally and lawfully defined  safe trading doctrine of international trade and supporting procedures for use by entrepreneurs, suppliers, buyers, agents, brokers, and intermediaries; which has become a mainstream application in every country world-wide via best selling ITSI.We have nothing to do with 99% of ill informed brokers found on the net today. SMICE Exchange was established in 2009 to provide support to only our own registered trained agents found in every country of the world.  We  have also served legal opinions to laws firms in VIP trials around the world on related matters of contract disputes, money laundering and fraud. We know all the traps an unwary supplier or end buyer needs to avoid. We are the leading experts in the nature of business defined. Our division FTN exporting provides international trade educational services. SMICE is our trading division. FTNX is our soon to be formally established project Investment project division. All transactions must come through  and be closed  by FTN Exporting Ceo, Davide Giovanni Papa .

We are SMICE. We consider buying, selling and sourcing Non Break Cargo (NBC) lots of all  worthy commodities world wide including fuels and crude oil safely…!