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WARNING: It has become evident hat some traders world wide are using our name when and making claims of representing FTNX , when no such authority is in place. Anyone may use URPIB Rules of Association, but by doing so does not mean that such traders are representatives of FTNXX or FTN Exporting. Accordingly only  legitimate inquires will be considered by FTNX. End Buyers and suppliers who are unsure, must not consider offers in our name which differ from the advice found on this site .

We have the best trained (USCT Endorsed ) Brokers and Agents in the world pertaining to the whole nature of business specified  


FTNX creates and develops our own projects  


We’ve been around for a long  long time…



FTN Exporting (FTNX) is a registered business name with the Australian Security and Investment Commission (ASIC). FTNX, subsidiary by name alone described as “SMICE” and “FTNXX” ( FTN Exporting Exchange) are Two (2) other separate entities used to identify Two (2) aspects of business applied by FTN Exporting. No over person can advise on the lawful aspects of business we have created. One business is for the serving of trade education and expert advice to intermediaries, supplier and end buyers world wide,and one business is for trading in commodities and projects; describes the overall nature of business being applied by FTNX.  All business with FTNXX is concluded by FTN Exporting who is the principal entity governing all its subsidiaries  world wide. Offer once signed  as accepted by a supplier,or end buyer  and  the FTNXX,  a legally binding status become apparent at that time. FTNX has no representatives  brokers  or agents other than those listed on this site, as trained and educated by FTNX , as per the FTNX ‘Doctrine of Trade’ and process therein. URPIB are rules created by FTNX that all listed representatives, brokers and agents must abide by when dealing with suppliers, and end buyers and all other related principals. FTNX ostensibly or otherwise, is the entity buying and selling commodities on ‘behalf of undisclosed  principals’  using the private  medium defined as the ‘FTNX Exchange’ to do so. We do not conduct business with uneducated ill informed Intermediaries , or  stoic competitors such as Government tax payer funded international trade agencies and private trading houses. FTNX was established in 1988  and  informally introduced the first ever formable doctrine  trade  to the words in 1994 and formally in 2005. The FTNX was created in 2010 to assist informed traders with matters of practice. FTNX bears all legal obligations and consequences for its agents and itself in all matters of business and products we buy and sell.

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