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Posted : 14 November 2015


FTNX is a private commodity trader and subdivision of registered business FTN Exporting as established in 1988. FTN Exporting specialising in matters of education and trading. The separately created entity ‘FTNX’ is expert in the business pf  buying and selling large single or revolving shipments of non break cargo type (NBC) commodities in the first instance. We buy and sell all kinds of commodities world wide. We buy goods from worthy reputable suppliers, on an ongoing basis, and we sell products we buy, to our own clients world wide  at or below general non spot market benchmark prices.We prefer fixed priced contracts, but are able to satisfy benchmark pricing when a good floating discount is apparent.The bigger the contract of supply the more consideration given in buying such goods. We specialise in contacts exceeding 100 million dollars. We are familiar in negotiating revolving export contract exceeding 1 billion dollars. We do not have much interest in buying ‘FCL’ unless large volume of goods up to and exceeding 1000 MT are on offer for high value mainstream products only.We deal in all merchantable bulk  products  including minerals,ores and petroleum based products.We also have interest in JV projects.


If you are a reliable supplier is possession of export ready products at FOB,or  CFR or CIF Incoterms when needed ; and you are in need of a new market or added sales, and have long term supply capability for 2016 please contact FTN Exporting and submit your current non binding confidential ‘Assurance of Supply’ (AOS) for our records. The nature of business with us is strictly confidential. The ‘AOS’ must be produced by a supplier and submitted to us for all ongoing FTNX supply purchase considerations, in where should we decide to buy goods initially offered, an update price will be sought at that time, in where our ‘offer to procure’ will be advised thereafter, to commence purchasing procedures. We do not transact on ‘primary’ producer contracts of another era long past; i.e; Aramco, OPEC, LME, NNPC, SHELL, VALE, Gazpromneft–and the likes, unless our contracting conditions are accepted. We deal in ‘secondary’ market  associated  producers, and are always eager to hear from the  smaller to medium  sized ‘new’ exporters in 2016. No speculative business is applied. 


All our “USCT” registered agents, brokers and professional intermediaries are required to be proficient, amongst  other things, in all matters (past and) present, pertaining to UCP 600, URC 522, and ISBP 2013 banking rules, as part of the  practice they must apply. All current ‘USCT’ members will have a verifiable  certificate of association advised by ‘FTNX’ from 2016 onwards. All ‘USCT’ members will be required to open a bank account. Accordingly all leading banks of the world  who have a strong ability; have strong affiliation with a large number of  “corresponding” banks of the world, as located in any state or country, prepared to ‘intently’ serve a ‘USCT’ members needs, the type of member who provides a DLC for ‘at sight’ business, in excess of 1 million dollars; will be given preferential treatment, and directives by FTNX, ‘to use only such banks’ in the first instance. Said leading bank committed to applying said banking procedures intently with our members, please contact FTN Exporting  by email to declare their intent in simple fashion, for the 2016 year onwards in where such advice will be directed to all our members in 2016 onwards on a monthly basis. FTNX ‘pre-vetted’ customer also looking to ‘finance’ large NBC imports, will also be introduced privately to such banks selectively and unconditionally;in where FTNX is initiated to sell such goods–being successfully financed.  


Shipowners may also register their intent to serve FTNX needs when required in 2016, as FTNX only secures Bill of Ladings as endorsed from Shipowners, when ordering carriage, as a part of our safe trading policy.



Maritime Insurance Companies who are able top offer ‘at a good and  fair rate’ insurance coverage as per ‘Institute Cargo Clause A, B or C’, to registered  “UTSC” members, per each and every transaction needing such coverage, please register your intent by simple e-mail to FTN Exporting.


End Buyers looking to import large quantities of products, at great prices, ask  FTNX for a quote first, no matter the product, if FTNX has it on hand, or we can secure it, strict, safe and formidable trading terms and conditions apply. Government backed trade agencies may not apply.Government bodies approaching us directly welcomed. Part of duties as per our own in house rules is to protect the position of the principal we deal with at all times.We source negotiate and secure products, under contract, at the lowest possible price in where our buyer receive goods ordered, close to the actual negotiated price we have been contracted for by our suppliers. While ‘FTNX’ has a large number of  good reputable suppliers on hand in the short term, we also post on our site selected goods that we have purchased or secured over the longer term.


Only professional intermediaries including agents and brokers, bankers, lawyers and related others, who we have trained or advised, and who are currently  registered with us under the “Unified Society of Commodity Traders”(USCT) association–may apply to do business with us.We are one of the very few enterprises which uses it own trained agents, as found ostensibly in  every country of the world. Our member also must agree to abide by our in house rules (URPIB) which we created as well; to deliver a service  unlike  our competitors are able to provide. We have the best agents in the world because we’ve trained them to reach a very high level of understanding, in the ‘whole’ nature of the whole business, we apply. Our suppliers also learn from us, as do our end buyers, when doing business  with FTNX.This business is unforgiving; when mistakes are apparent, such are often measured in the tens of million of dollars.FTNX does not make mistakes; we mitigate such, thus our services are unique are they are superior. 


FTNX has been around for 30 years. We are FTN Exporting–educators, buyers and sellers of commodities in our own right. From 2016 after decades of testing  and practice, FTN Exporting will be ‘formally’ expanding into all matters related to our business. FTNX Ceo, Davide Giovanni Papa is the worlds leading expert, and best selling academic author, in the nature of business we ply. Our buy and sell procedures are formidable, strict but above all else very safe. All suppliers are paid in advance of any delivery. All our end buyers received goods as ordered. We buy single NBC lots and prefer revolving contract. We are the best, because we know all about the nature of our business intently. From 2016 selected Agents world wide will represent FTNX in their own country.

After thousands year of the unregulated nature of this business, FTN Exporting created the first inform legally defined doctrine of international trade, that  any broker, exporter, seller and buyer can apply to safely learn and use. FTN Exporting is able to also provide expert opinions to laws firms as it relates to the nature of our business world wide as well.




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