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FTN Exporting Established 1988   SMICE Established 2009

Education:   Trading SMICE:

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FTN Exporting is an Australian Registered Business Name 

Australian Securities and Investment Commission ( ASIC)  

FTN Exporting as a buyer and seller of commodities in our own name has been training intermediaries, brokers and agents  for nearly 30 year in safe trading applications.Such traders are USCT endorsed ( Unified Society of Commodity Traders) 

 SMICE  is now also offering its unique highly sought after advice to end buyer and suppliers worldwide. It’s all about using  safe formidable and uniform business applications as administered by the creator of the world first uniform doctrine of trade. Suppliers and end buyers please study our  website in 2015   before considering business with SMICE as a lot of valuable  information will become  apparent. 

Welcome to SMICE!


Advice for Suppliers and Buyers Worldwide; 

In the earlier years  when FTN Exporting started in this business  suppliers around the world  did not  use  the virtues of a UCP letter of credit as often as they should have. It’s no different today. We estimate that around 60% of importers around the world do not use the virtues of a DLC,  and if it were not for our efforts  the numbers would have been higher. 85% of all our suppliers accept the virtues of a UCP 600 DLC after understanding  what the “at sight” tenor offers.


We find it hard to comprehend , that so many importers and exporters do not really understand the operational nature of the “at sight” collection applications tied to such a DLC. The most common  request  for payment we see often is where  a large cash deposit is first sought and then when goods arrive at destination,various type of payment methods are used to complete the deal.Today this type of payment method is fraught with risks and the complaints of suppliers around the world in not  getting fully paid  are loud.Breach of performance after contracts have been signed  is also on the increase. When FTN Exporting  challenges  such principals on such improper requests, we often soon learn that the “principal” is not really a buyer or seller, but an ill informed trader who does not even know the difference  between FCA and FOB or CIP and CIF delivery mode, let alone applying the virtues of strict safe procedures. No wonder so many principals are being jilted!


A UCP 600 DLC is used by FTN Exporting  as its premier payment application in where risks that the supplier will not get paid are virtually eliminated. A Stand-by DLC (SLC) must never be used to pay for imports. The UCP type of DLC payment mode is the safest payment format of them all, even more so, when a new buyer is dealing with a new seller for the first time especially in huge revolving non break cargo type of  contracts. Furthermore  our end buyers are assured that they only receive goods as ordered in where once a DLC is advised to the seller, the DLC cannot be applied for collection unless very strict set of procedures apply pertaining to acceptance and  presentation of transport documents in accordance with ICC Paris France Incoterms 2010. In other words as DLC unlike cash, is useless, unless a suppler  performs fully as per it terms.And the irrevocable status can be canceled on one single aspect only; if fraudulent activity is proven. 

“Therefore if an end buyer cannot open a DLC then the end buyer has no money is best assumed and may be  looking for free goods. If a supplier cannot enact on a contract and DLC application  because it’s too complex or too hard, such should not consider doing  business with us.” 

If a supplier or end buyer is unsure of procedures and of the effective protocol tied to a UCP formatted DLC  take the SMICE offer to your large bank and ask question related to payments ; and see what your bank says. Banks cannot get involved in matter of contract under UCP rules, but they can advise on the section of business  they ought to know about pertaining to UCP formatted  financial instrument issuance and URC collection rules. 


In effect FTN Exporting when acting as a  buyer or seller via its  commodity trading arm SMICE not only manages risk it mitigates such risks for any one conducting business with us because we understand the safe virtues of using a UCP 600 endorsed DLC. This also means that SMICE once securing a DLC from its end  buyer, is obligated to perform on the assurance  that the DLC applies an “irrevocable” status. A seller who accepts a DLC and has “no goods”  as supported by an offer or contract cannot collect on a UCP credit and may even face criminal charges.This means while SMICE may conduct much business weekly in testing buyers and suppliers intent, due to this strict  payment aspect means fewer deals will be closed albeit; with utmost safety,  in where risk are  virtually eliminated. This is something  many supplier still do not understand and is something  many  buyers don’t always understand as well. Today a buyer going bankrupt, insolvent ,acts fraudulently or in unwilling to actually pay for goods once goods arrives happens all too often because many suppliers are still  using unsafe payment methods of an era long gone past. This is what “risk” in this business means today.


“Who wants to spend 100 million dollars  in chasing buyers or suppliers for breach of contract that may take many years to settle and once settled the issue of enforcing the judgment becomes another problem.FTN Exporting avoids such matters intently  by ensuring that the start of any deal commences correctly.”


In times gone past deals would me made after concluding talks on a face to face basis and after a bank of the buyer in one country serves a “bank comfort letter” to simply define a “RWA” status,  to the supplier in another country (by the way of which means nothing in matter of guaranteeing payments) Goods would be sent in where,  based on some agreement and contract. What often eventuates are unjust claims and  excuses once goods arrive. Instead of the supplier getting paid, part payment would arrive,unjust complaints would be served in lowering the buy price, or no payment at  all would prevail.A UCP 600 DLC eliminates this issue once and for all. Today UCP 600 endorsed letters of credit  is the only way FTN Exporting pays for goods once goods are loaded;  and is  the only method we will accept  payment of goods as made by an  end buyer who genuinely wants to import products at good prices  using  FTN Exporting  strict safe “Mitigated Risk” process. The end buyer  gets goods as ordered, if not we serve  remedy to verifiable complaints quickly .Our supplier gets paid when goods are loaded.


The misnomer term “Risk Management”  is not longer a suitable application in assessing that such risks are served to both parties to a contract equally. The term means very little today. We have seen so many people from all around the world in the last ten  years lose a great deal of money under the auspices “risk managed funds or deals.” FTN Exporting  is  simply not interested  in dealing with suppliers who will not accept a UCP 600 DLC nor deal with any buyer who can’t open a UCP 600 DLC.The risks are simply too great to do otherwise, and anyone claiming to be expert  at the nature of this business  who tells you differently is going you more harm than good. We have seen statements online by a leading Forbes 500 company who stated “A DLC can be cashed in and in where the seller  can runaway with the cash and live a life of luxury in Brazil,”  How such a brainless person able to hold a top executive position is such a company is beyond us to comprehend. It says a lot about a company employing such a person. Stupidity in this business is found on many levels. It takes a lot of time, measured in months  as well as  effort and work for us and/or our trained agents when used, to close on a single  non spot contract often exceeding 500 million dollars in value. Principals may deal in risky business,  or  they may deal  with FTN Exporting  through our trading arm SMICE in where our business is about mitigating risks.

SMICE accepts transferable DLC as the best price option or a Non Transferable but confirmed credit at slightly higher prices for all goods purchased or sold from 2015.

“Deal with the best, or deal with the rest- the choice is yours.”


  1. FTN Exporting as buyer and seller in our own name and as the leading world expert and best selling author for the 5th year straight (ITSI) in the nature of business.
  2. FTN Exporting serves expensive expert opinions to law firms around the world .We have seen first hand  the effects of  deals gone wrong.The internet is also full of defaults by buyers as are  law books .
  3. Millions of ill informed  intermediaries from around the world are in this business; of which 99.9% have no idea on what they are doing. It’s been like that in 1988 as it is today. We trash over 300 e-mails or more  per week  on useless, ill informed or  fake dealings . 
  4. We educate all professional intermediaries world wide on the very same principle we use. 
  5. Our  USCT agents are the best informed import exporting agents in the world. We have to know more than most bankers , lawyers, and trade association about our business , many of which have also studied our doctrine with great compliments ongoing.Our unique skill level is very high.
  6. If the full FTN doctrine were to be served in a university it would take 3 to 4 years to earn a doctorate. 
  7. A supplier or end buyer  must only use a  CPPA registered intermediary found on SMICE, as all roads leads back to FTN Exporting. 
  8. At the very least a supplier or end buyer should only trade with informed intermediaries who adhere to  FTN Exporting URPIB Rules of association. All Agents , brokers and others in related business should also be using such formidable rules. 
  9. We have no affiliation to any other ill informed seller, buyers, agents, brokers  or intermediaries.It costs money and  takes months to study the FTN doctrine of trade and years to obtain experience  under our support before a CPPA agent is considered by SMICE. 
  10. Talk to us directly in where we will not entertain poorly applied unsafe business practices; or talk  to any CPPA SMICE registered Agent who will spend some time to those unsure of using our strict safe procedures. The  advice  served will be the same world-wide.  



In an effort to assimilate all our hard drives going back nearly 15 years  and  7 different computers,  into one large storage facility, the following insight  has come to light. By the end  2015 the FTN  Exporting name has ostensibly crossed the desk of over 60% of all major corporations of the world in one form another from 2005.The FTN Exporting name  on an offer or the likes  has been handled by someone (or many) in all the major countries of the world at one time or another as well. By the end of 2016 we expect this number to surpass 80%. Those who have purchased a FTN Exporting publication from 2010 onwards may convert the assigned registration number to a USCT number and apply  the following in their lone unsupported but informed  dealings.Those who have a CPPA are to keep such a supported status and registration  number as only two status will apply from 2015 being  CPPA and USCT. The FTN Exporting brand name has  status  world-wide . It’s going to be a busy year for informed intermediaries. 

United Society of Commodity  Traders USCT XXXXXX

Adhering to FTN Exporting URPIB Rules of Trade.