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FTNX Buys and Sells Commodities World wide 


FTNX shì sīrén mǎi jiā hé chūkǒu chǎnpǐn zhǔnbèi shìjiè màijiā guǎngfàn cǎiyòng yángé de guīzé hé chéngxù de ānquán

FTNX zijn particuliere kopers en verkopers van de export klaar producten de hele wereld met behulp van strikte regels en veilige procedures

FTNX adalah pembeli swasta dan penjual ekspor siap dunia lebar produk menggunakan aturan ketat dan prosedur yang aman

FTNX son los compradores y vendedores privados de exportación de productos listos en todo el mundo utilizando las estrictas reglas y procedimientos de seguridad

FTNX являются частные покупатели и продавцы экспорта готовой продукции во всем мире , используя строгие правила и безопасные процедуры

FTNX yavlyayutsya chastnyye pokupateli i prodavtsy eksporta gotovoy produktsii vo vsem mire , ispol'zuya strogiye pravila i bezopasnyye protsedury


Nature of Business 

This site is the personal private  trading website of  international best selling author and leading International trade expert Davide Giovanni Papa CEO of FTN Exporting (FTNX) now nearing completion of its third decade of business. Web and sell commodities  world wide.We only specialise  in large deals supporting are  contracts.

“Officially FTNX registered  its business name in 1988 and first appeared  online  from 1996. We are also international best selling authors  in the nature of business defined. Not many other related ‘experts’ can make such claims.”

As the Worlds Leading Expert

Being both trader and educator,FTN Exporting (FTNX) has trained many intermediaries, brokers, agents and other professionals entities such as lawyers, bankers,suppliers, exporters and end buyers  world wide to become informed at the nature of business bing contemplated. We’ve also trained  people from all walks of life  to become formidable agents and brokers who also often conduct business as professional Buyers and Sellers of commodities  in their own name.  Such entities are identified under the FTNX USCT (Unified Society Of Commodity  Traders)  brand. 

“After 30 years  we’ve created the best  informed commodity traders in the world ,  who all have studied  our created, first ever formidable doctrine of  international trade,where safe strict rules and dealings are paramount ”

Information found in these site pages are for all USCT members, suppliers, end buyers, and other related professional entities such as shipowners, lawyers and bankers to use. FTN Exporting has returned to trading 2016 in where a very few selected entities as trained by us, at any given time are allowed to represent us as a FTN Exporting Registered Broker (FERB) acting behalf a disclosed principal FTN Exporting. Invited USCT peer members may also participate with FTNX business from time to time.


Risk Mitigation Experts 

Competition is rife in the import export business.The potential to lose   money on delinquent accounts are also great. Launching prohibitively expensive legal action against a  breach of contract  often take years to arrive at its ultimate, and often adverse conclusion.The market place is also full of ill informed traders and fraudsters. 

“ End buyer  and supplier  closing on an export import deal continually face legal action, over simple mistakes made. The law books are full of precedents, which are ever increasing year by year.”

FTN Exporting also serves legal opinions for law firms looking for added insight in defending a client charged will an offence related to International trade, sales  and agency. Since 1988 FTN Exporting has become a global leader in the nature of business  related to buying and selling commodities. Most of the worlds leading Corporations world wide have heard of FTN Exporting and know of our  strict safe procedures and of our long standing and contribution to the industry.

 “A supplier uses FTNX to create more sales and supervise  all  matter of an active deal.  End Buyer uses FTNX, to secure guiding advice  and  to ensure they receive goods as ordered”  

Formidable Trading Procedures 

We’re created formidable trading procedures supporting the first ever doctrine of trade that all privately based commodity traders can reply upon.

“Since  ancient Roman times  seller,s buyers, private agents, brokers and intermediaries where left to conduct business on their own resources.”

Ostensibly FTN Exporting is able to buy and sell commodities from any country in the world.We only offers goods that we sell, as secured from suppliers in possession of such goods. FTN Exporting is an independent entity trading in its own name. We are not associated nor conduct business  with other competitors such a private export trading houses and Government taxpayer  supported  export agencies. We are experts in the nature of business we ply; such expertise includes–

  1. All matters related to Contract 
  2. Due Diligence and Insurance  
  3. Logistic  and Shipping
  4. Banking and Financial Instrument  
  5. Delivery  and Documentation
  6. Pre Shipment Inspection
  7. Factoring and Finance
  8. Money laundering and Fraud 
  9. Negotiations, Agency and International Sales 
  10. Creating Investment Projects
  11. Rules, safe Procedures and related Laws
  12. Risk Mitigation

To Suppliers and End Buyers Wold wide 

Our clients i.e; supplier in possession of goods, looking for long term sales, or end buyers looking to secure large quantity of goods to import; using FTN Exporting means extra sales and excellent prices, as well as safe dealings. We create business and we look after the interests of our clients in where all matters of business is confidentially applied at all times. FTNX Buys and Sell commodities using informed others to assist us under the SMICE (Secondary Market Intermediary Commodity Exchange)  name as established in 2010. That’s the nature of our business

Please read our site pages intently before making any inquiries to us



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