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Division of FTN Exporting Established 1988 Australia 

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Online Business Hours: 5.00 AM to 11.00 AM Wednesday to Sunday AEST

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Education: www.ftnexporting.com Trading: www.ftnxx.net

All the sites are inactive and not serviced.

FTNXX is closed 12th Dec 2015 to 3rd Jan 2016.


International best selling author, educator and trader Davide Giovanni Papa established FTN Exporting in 1988, to become a leading expert in the nature of business defined. Corporations, bankers, lawyers and many private traders have learned much from our advice, in our effort to define safe aspects of trading, rules and laws. FTN Exporting also serves legal opinions to law firms around the world in matters related to international trade and agency. FTN Exporting opened an experimental site called SMICE in 2010 to test and prove the virtues of our doctrine. In 2015 FTNXX will replace SMICE as full trading site and well as an informative information site aimed for use by informed suppliers, and end buyers world wide as the scope of educating others on the safe as well as risk laden virtues of this business while we trade; is always ongoing aspect. The nature of business is very complex accordingly the information on this site reflects as much in the minimum aspect FTNXX is to replace SMICE to become our online trading name world wide from the 1st of July 2015 ensuring that other related FTN Exporting business is not associated with the business defined on this site. FTNXX secures goods from suppliers around the world for buying. We also sell goods to our end buyers that we source. We never offer goods we have not first ascertained or secured. We do not use any other payment methods except documentary letter of credits (DLC) the type endorsed under international banking rules UCP 600. We also use English contract formation laws and rules in establishing all closed transactions along with Paris France ICC delivery rules (incoterms). Our procedures are formidable as they are strict in turn providing the safest procedures that one could use when buying or selling commodities world wide.

We never take deliveries of goods we buy and sell and ship goods directly from our secured supplier in where transfer of title (endorsed in blank) and delivery documents forms the basis of proper business for first time clients. Business in where a ‘non endorsed in blank’ BOL is sought, will not be entertained. FTNXX as buyer, seller and principal will only conduct business with supplier holding possession of goods offered to FTNXX or end buyers taking possession of ordered goods;at all times. FTN Exporting will be using two of the worlds top 50 ranked banks when buying and selling commodities; an important issue to suppliers looking for the ultimate assurance of an irrevocable payment instrument. To end buyers, we offer strict safe procedures as well as up to 3.0% in total in some cases, as a Performance Guarantee should delivery be late on any order we process. FTNXX also pays transparent rebates to selected end buyers. More importantly FTNXX is able to buy goods when markets are slow, or sell much wanted products at a good price when scarcity or high prices elsewhere is often apparent. FTNXX site will specify other new trading aspects we will be testing in 2016

When conducting business with FTN exporting you are conducting business with the worlds leading professional private buyer and seller of commodities as per the nature of business prescribed. Our competitors are many. Government agencies don’t like us and we engage in market places where others fear to tread. Our service is 100% confidential at all times. We know all the traps, and in 2016 FTNXX is to offer a new faster express service in delivering goods exceeding 500 MT at FCA / CIP or as preferred, large single NBC or revolving shipments at FOB, CFR, CIF (and DAP to clients who have used our service previously) as we are specialist in servicing large complex and otherwise difficult contracts. FTNXX only uses shipowners BOL in all Non Break Bulk Cargo (NBC) deals. Second time client may also leverage their commodity purchases using FTNXX ‘low interest’ factoring services of up to 120 days in some cases. As stated, strict safe procedures apply at all times in where a professional service is offered. We don’t take risks! Suppliers or end buyers world wide unsure of procedure,please make your approach to any head office liaison member by email who will provide advice needed, or call FTN Exporting directly for amicable discussion during office business hours.

FTNXX abides by URPIB , as  buyers and sellers,  as well as the worlds leading educators holding governance in the nature of business and supporting doctrine of trade in where at times certain parts of URPIB rules may be set aside while testing new advanced procedures. Should new procedures be effective, URPIB will be changed accordingly. No person may represent URPIB rules as such is governed by ftn exporting.

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