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SMICE information for Global End Buyers of Commodities

The site for all informed intermediaries enacting with end buyers world wide who are exclusively representing SMICE. All SMICE Registered Brokers (SRB) must adhere to FTN Exporting URPIB rules of trade, and must clearly be representing SMICE on all quotations being plied and offered to potential end buyers world wide, in a disclosed form. End Buyers when enacting with a SMICE representative such may only conduct business within the scope of the brokers disclosed position accordingly; the advice served by a “SRB” is final and no added correspondence will be entertained by SMICE.

The Nature of Business

The nature of business herein is mostly about selling general type of wanted commodities to end buyers, as listed from time to time world wide as secured and serviced by a SMICE registered broker in transparent form, representing SMICE as principal of agency and seller of all goods offered herein. End buyers may also source products they may need in the future via a SMICE registered broker which will appear on SMICE. End buyers who are approached by a SMICE registered broker must enact with said broker if seeking to buy or is waning quote on products we need to source, until success of failures apparent. No direct approach to SMICE (FTNX or FTN Exporting) until contract closing time is allowed once an end buyer accepts to consider services or goods offered by a “SRB”.

SMICE Registered Brokers (SRB) have no authority to represent the business applied via “FTN Exporting”(Education site) or “FTNX” (Buyer Seller and Project site) and many only enact strictly on matters found on SMICE.

Services and Products

Services and products that SMICE may offer via an “SRB” (or sourced upon request) from time to time on this site are as follows.

  • All type of goods worthy of SMICE sell considerations.
  • Electrical, White goods and other novelty items are not offered
  • Ocean going or EXW SPOT goods are not offered
  • Single shipments any quantity NBC loads are offered
  • Petroleum based products not served on SMICE
  • Worthy FCL exceeding 100 MT single /rev shipments taken
  • Delivery terms CPT, FAS, FOB, CFR ,CIP, FCA and CIF allowed
  • SMICE applies it own mediation for disputes (or LCIA rules)
  • SMICE applies UCP and URC DLC rules
  • SMICE is the seller of all goods offered
  • English law contract forms contract formation guide
  • FTN Exporting Governance applies in all matter of trade
  • SMICE does not trade in goods banned under URPIB rules
  • SMICE is a sellers site.


SMICE is a professional intermediary and broker trading site made for FTN Exporting informed intermediaries, brokers and agents as administered by FTN Exporting. All members using this site must be registered by SMICE as an endorsed SMICE broker carrying a legitimately issued USCT number. Then advice herein is applied in a manner specifically for only those who have studied the FTN exporting doctrine of trade.This is not an educational site and terms of reference and acronyms that an end buyer ought to know about will not be explained herein. End buyers must seek advice from the “SRB” they are engaged in, for matters not understood on this site or as found on all quotes and offers serviced by such. (SMICE may also consider buying goods from suppliers who has engaged with a proficient “SRB’ able to act on a OTS)

SMICE Products

All SMICE endorsed trader are specialist informed traders in their own right. We trash all mention of ICPO, LOI, ASWP, BCL, BG and other improper terms of international trade and reference. SMICE sources and secures all physical goods only with suppliers in possession of such goods as offered on this site. All goods on this site have been secured before posting. SMICE does not deal in speculative prices or goods. SMICE brokers are not allowed to sell SMICE goods to another intermediary or broker. End buyers provided with a quote from a registered endorsed SMICE broker for a product listed herein may be considered for purchase, in where FTN Exporting is guaranteeing performance and supply once an offer is advised by the same entity serving the end buyer to which; FTN exporting bears all legal responsibilities of obligations pertaining the selling of commodities listed herein.

SMICE Agents

SMICE endorsed brokers and intermediaries are the world best informed commodity traders applying strict safe procedures and due diligence when servicing sourced clients. All have paid for study material to become informed over a long period of time most under the guidance of FTN Exporting. All are proficient is applying UCP banking rules and Incoterms delivery rules. We do not accept cash payments and all SRB have full support of leading best selling academic author and the worlds leading international trade and intermediary expert FTN Exporting as established in1988. We don’t take short cuts and our strict proper safe trading procedures ensure on thing only; the buyer receives expert advice delivery on time and only goods as ordered, at a good and fair price.


Once an end buyer has successfully concluded a first time NBC or large FCL transaction with SMICE, subsequent deferred payment, special rebates, finance and other incentives will also be offered to end buyers seeking such. Advice and proper guidance is also offered as part of our service once a buyers are considering goods offered by a ‘SRB’.

Selling Products

SRB may offer goods to any qualified end buyers taking possession and paying for goods being offered. Unless specified differently where applicable BOL’s will be endorsed in blank. A “SRB” has permission to attach others who may only confer with “SRB” but in where such entities assisting the “SRB” will be protected by SMICE once attached entity is advised to SMICE as it pertains to each and every transaction being conducted at any given time. SRB may not conduct business with agency competitors, trading houses other private brokers or agents including Government based export agencies but are allowed to tout service and goods with the support of SMICE directly to government bodies.


We’ve heard all the horror stories from both the prospective of the end buyers and suppliers and we know all issues. Our doctrine of trade is formidable and mainstream and we have integrity as established over a 25 year period. Our SRB’s are the best trained and informed agents in the world. Principals looking to source; or buy listed products may conduct business with a informed “SRB” backed by the world leading expert or they may take the risk to face the a growingly difficult and belligerent market place alone.