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From 2015:Only the following members are authorised to act on behalf of SMICE and are representatives of the best informed agents in the world in the nature of business apparent. URPIB 2015 Effective

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Advice for Suppliers (and End buyers)  

Posted 15 Feb 2015

The Dawning of a New Age 

SMICE deals with general non break commodities. FTNX another subsidiary of FTN exporting deals in crude oil and projects. FTN Exporting deals with international trade education.

SMICE founder Davide Giovanni Papa is situated in Melbourne Australia, is a best selling world wide  author – ‘international Trade and the Successful intermediary’  which is still going strong in the 6th year of release. In late 2015 a second FTN Exporting publication in collaboration with  lawyers from U.K and Nigeria will be released by the same academic publishers of ‘ITSI’ Gower Ashgate U.K. ‘Crude Oil and the Successful intermediary’ is also set to revolutionise  the nature of business private traders contend with daily in matters of crude oil and petroleum sales. Private commodity traders including suppliers and end buyers world wide  will now benefit with these publications. Practitioners of the FTN Exporting doctrine  are now  many.Those who received support by FTN exporting are considered  to be the  best informed  traders in the world when it comes to the whole nature of business we apply. SMICE will be using only the very best partitioner to ply its business from 2015.FTN Exporting created the first ever legally defined uniform intermediary practice in 1988 taking us nearly 30 years to  achieve a mainstream practice that anyone can reply upon, a type of practice which is supported by  our own formidable rules of agency like not other (URPIB)

Education and Trade

SMICE is a division of FTN Exporting created to separate the business of education and business. We have  been mentoring and educating  private traders or professional “intermediaries” from all walks of life on correct safe import export procedures for nearly 30 years  many who are advance traders having studied our own in-house masterworks since 2005.


SMICE buys and sells commodities world wide. We source products, make deals  then arrange to buy such products at great prices.The bigger the contract the better. We then sell products we have purchased  to our own end buyers from the stockpile or allocation we  have secured in where over 90% of our gains made on the purchase side of negotiations is  passed on to our clients. We are buyers and sellers in our own name and sign our own contracts. We use formidable strict safe procedures. We don’t take risks and we are pragmatic and aggressive traders, but above all else we are highly informed at what we do; proper safe procedures and transparency is what we are all about. We provide expert advice in this very specialised field to all related sectors world wide when entities are involved in buying or selling commodities to SMICE. We know all the traps. We are due diligence experts as well as risk mitigation experts., and we invited and use only the best inform,ed agents in the world at times to assist us.


This reasons are many, only a few are specified;

  • We are experts at what we do
  • Disputes settled amicably
  • Payments secured way in advance of delivery
  • Extra sales, new sales, new customers.  
  • We secure hard to source wanted products
  • We negotiate  below primary market bench prices
  • We go where other fear to tread
  • We only secure goods only from supplier in possession of such
  • We only sell goods to end buyers taking possession of such
  • We are a one stop shop serving corporate entities with advice
  • We know all the traps
  • We know all legal aspects of business intently
  • We protect the interest of the entities doing business with us.
  • Never  enter into unsafe business
  • Parties doing business with us benefit from our expertise.
  • The market place is full of scam artists which we track
  • End buyers only receive goods ‘as ordered’
  • Business is personally applied as experts we don’t need to use lawyers.
  • Better prices are obtained by our clients
  • We ( Smice Agents ) speak all languages; know about all local customs.
  • We only used FTN Exporting informed Agents 

Want More ? Lets Get Specific.

Securing a reliable supplier or genuine end buyer alone is the first step that needs to be finalised in starting a deal, in where the unwary principal could lose huge sums of money for making nothing more than a few simple mistakes early in the transaction which could take months to close.

  • An end buyer could spend many months attempting to by a product like lets say; Copper Cathodes.The end buyer has to contend with many delivery issues  and may not even be getting the best price or; the end buyer could simply buy such goods from SMICE immediately. There is no argument  here; time is money – The end buyer could secure his own products and hopefully secure the right supplier ; or they can buy the product from us – without concern and risks. 

Small mistakes in this business equates to huge losses measured in millions. There is no point arguing with us. The law books are bulging at the seams attesting to as much, with litigation growing yearly for breach of contract, which could take up to 7 years, costing hundreds of millions if not billions of dollar to settled. We have even handled contracts from seasoned traders that are flawed in where others could  intentionally exploit with the support of the law

  • “The buyer gave the seller an irrevocable DLC which was accepted. The seller in turn provided a 2.0% SLC as a performance guarantee(P.G). A short time later the buyer made demands of the seller to greatly reduce the price of goods.The seller argued  that a contract was in place and that; no such demands will be met. The buyer intentionally did not book the ship to arrive at sellers port. The seller retaliated by cancelling the contract.Since no “goods” were delivered on board, no documents could be presented to collect upon the ‘irrevocable” DLC, and thus in “accordance with the contract” the seller “failed to deliver on time.” The buyer successfully claimed the SLC of the seller “because the buyer did fail to deliver” and there was nothing the seller could do about it because the contract was clear on matters of late delivery, but more importantly the SLC unlike a DLC is served as an unconditional payment instrument.”

In another case;

  • “The UAE buyer  signs the contract directly with a supplier  only to find that his bank will not open a pre advised DLC as per contract terms and conditions.The buyer calls the supplier and states that their bank ‘will not open a UCP endorsed pre advised Irrevocable DLC’ and that alas, the contract has to be cancelled. The supplier reminded the buyer that the contract still stands, and that ’the buyer should have “found out prior” to signing the contract’ that no such financial instrument could be opened at their bank.”

If the principals above had used our services, such huge losses would have not happened, now gives  insight with  just  a few  examples on just how easy it is for a person with bad intent ( or because of an unseen serious mistake )  to take advantage of ‘bad practices.’ 

The true nature of business applied is indeed a precarious one even for those who do have the experience in the industry in where a lack of  procedural knowledge is apparent. All because things have “been done a certain way for decades” does not mean that they are being done correctly,leaving open the possibility that one day huge potential losses could be incurred on a deal that was applied ‘in the usual manner.’   

We Bear Obligations Any Deal We Initiate

We bear the brunt of any mistakes made in our own name as well ensuring principals are not in direct line of fire should things go wrong.We know how to defend ourselves because we do not  take risks and adhere to matter of rules and laws intently.Therefore to buy from a supplier and sell to an end buyer export ready  goods, is applied in a manner where said parties have sold and purchased good from a highly informed specialist trader  now give specific reason why using a FTN Exporting informed Intermediary has real merit. 

“To trade with the best, or trade with the rest, the options of the supplier or end buyer  are limited to these two aspects. 


Personal and educated  opinions are served on this whole website. Davide Giovanni Papa  is not a lawyer nor financial advisor but a specialised expert in the whole unique specific  nature of business pertaining to buying and selling commodities. Davide Giovanni Papa  has also served expensive  legal arguments and served legal opinion in overseas VIP court cases related  to the nature of business for pertaining to  fraud, money laundering and POCA proceedings. Only  CPPA register and endorsed  SMICE CPPA Agent when representing SMICE are fully supported by FTN Exporting who is the principal signing contract for business initiated  by such representatives. FTN Exporting is not subject to public disclosures and that all business is conducted confidentially.Our members include many bankers and lawyers and related other who have studied out doctrine  of trade since it was first released in 2005; compliments are ongoing.Government export agencies are our competitors and may not conduct business for with SMICE for good reason; nor have the same level of expertise or knowledge or our business when applied on a ‘one on one’ basis, unlike we know of theirs. Some ill informed members of such agencies have been known to verbally slander our position in favouring their own stoic practice.  London Commission International Arbitration (LCIA) states “to settle upon litigation could cost billions of dollars.” SMICE no longer posts prices on our site we have a huge number of reliable supplier who will serve to sell us products as needed, thus eliminating unscrupulous ill informed unregistered  intermediaries from using our name (as caught in 2014) and  drawing offers  from our site.