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Welcome to FTN Exporting 

There is  plenty about  FTN  Exporting  and founder Davide Giovanni Papa online that no introduction is needed. FTN Exporting  nature of business is about buying and selling commodities in where we specialise in large contracts for all kind of products. We buy and sell commodities in our own name and bear all liabilities accordingly. 

How does it all work? Simply! 

We  also train and educate our own agents via SMICE. Once a SMICE Agent become qualified and certified  such may source products for our purchase considerations.It could take up to 2 years  for such a SMICE agent to become certified at great expense and time.Many don’t make the grade. It take that long to become an informed “Foreign Trade Negotiator” (FTN)

About our Agents 

Registered  selected trained SMICE Agents may trade alone and  have authority  to negotiate on our behalf with industry principals and are not allowed to accept any product from another agent, broker or intermediary when acting in our name.  SMICE Agents  belong to the worlds best trained agents in the nature of business and are united globally  under the auspices of “USCT”( Unified Society of Commodity Traders)  and our in-house “URPIB” Rules of Association.

Buying and Selling Aspect

Should we buy such goods offered by a Supplier in possession of such  FTN  Exporting  seals  the deal as buyer, makes payment and takes delivery of goods  by title. All suppliers are often  paid  before the carrier leaves port of loading  or CFS.  FTN Exporting  sells all purchased good to our own clients as sourced on our own, or  once more by our own  small selected group of  highly informed SMICE Agent located across the world.

Our Guiding Formidable Safe Rules of Trade 

We use strict rules, we only buy goods offered using a “at sight DLC” as advised by one of 3 Australian top 100 banks of the world. As  international law and trade experts  we ensure only safe strict transaction  apply.  We don’t take risks, we never offer goods we have not secured from a supplier in possession of such and we don’t deal is spot cargo. Delivery is initiated  using Incoterms. First delivery is often 50-60 days after payment is lodged. All payments made are supported by universal banking rules UCP(Latest.) Collection rules are made under URC (Latest). All our procedures are based on long standing  formidable English law contract formation rules and foreign governance of such. 

As For our End Buyers 

We conduct due diligence and we guarantee only one of a transaction when dealing with only buyers taking possession of goods ordered. All SMICE  buyers  only receive goods as offered; or not at all without financial loss.

We Are Safe Because We Are Strict. No Shorts Cuts

When a supplier or end buyer from anywhere in the world  deals with FTN  Exporting  via SMICE they are dealing with very safe procedures and experts. When our Agents conduct business on our behalf they must follow our URPIB Association Rules, ostensibly the most strict and demanding  set of broker and agency inspired  rules of any private or government backed  association in the world. 

Education Means Safe Practises for all Parties

This site serves end buyer and supplier world wide with free  trading advice and education that our own train agents must know about  intently as  we have come across many buyers and supplier over 30 years who are making serious mistakes  with the method of trade they are employing, so much so that costly litigation in the international courts are on the increase.We are also  risk mitigation  experts, an ideal also created by us  in that ; we do not take risks. Everything is foreseeable all transactions are formulated all issues are mitigated when confronted. We quickly dismiss all ill informed broker and intermediaries.We only conduct business, when real business is ascertained.

Nature Of Business: Foreign Trade Negotiators (FTN)

We buy large single lots of mainstream non break cargo (NBC) at FAS or FOB in single or revolving lots  such as Fertilisers, Crude oil, Fuels, Construction, Sugar material, Grains, Minerals, Coal, Metals, LNG and the likes and we specialise in securing large contracts. We also consider FCL cargo exceeding 500 MT at FCA . We sell at FCA, CIP, FAS, FOB, CFR and CIF. Billion dollar contracts or more, over a long term period of supply and purchase interests us intently.

What New In 2015 

All matters of business is confidential at all times including those entered into at “farm  gate” or ExW in where extinguishment of a current contract is replaced with our long term  purchase  contract  and better prices using our own in house bonus system and rebates. All buyers finalising a first contract with FTN will be offered generous trading terms and even interest free deferred payment on their next order with us. 


Knowledge Is Power

For thousand of year this business has gone unregulated until we came along in 1988. By 2010 we’ve trained the world on using safe uniform trading international procedures  which has become a global  mainstream practice. We buy and sell commodities , we create business plans and investment projects and we provide law firms  worldwide  with  opinions to do with  criminal hearing in related matters including fraud , unlawful practices  and money laundering.

To  add to our expertise  we are now educating global Supplier and End Buyers on the safe basis of conducting safe business while offering such entities a new secondary market place without the politics. Our aim is to dismantle stoic taxpayer funded agencies, to pay suppliers good prices, to secure large volume of much wanted NBC commodities and  to ensure interests of buyer are tendered while  ensuring proper safe international trade  procedures are practised by those engaging in this business, including how to apply the virtues of a UCP DLC and Incoterms delivery rules.

Please Enjoy Our Site.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes will be addressed over time in where the most common issues  pertaining to the nature of our business as well as using proper terms and procedure will be added over time. We don’t take phones call unless contract is finalised. All inquiries  must be expressed in writing. All genuine inquiries from end buyers , supplier world wide as well as business inquiries   from  registered USCT members will serve reply.